1.Multi Console Unit

Main frame

  • AL profile 2.5t anodiaing finished
  • Cover AL profile 2.0t basked painting. It contains power socket medical gas outlet, nurse call, etc. choice of desired facilities shall be combined and custom-designed individually.

2.Wall Care Unit

  • Improve every patient room
  • Match individualized requirements and optional needs.
  • Construction durability with AL profile and laminate panels.
  • Availiable every application- service outlet can be optional fix as hospital requirement.

3.Wall Outlet (Horizontal wall exposed mount Type)

4.Nitrogen Panel

  • Components and controls are housed in a single cabinet, which is recessed into the wall of the operating room and covered with a satin-finished, stainless steel panel, The control cabinet include a 30KG/CM2(426psi) line supply valves, All 15KG/CM2 (213psi) line pressure gauge.

5.Ceiling Unit

6.Ceiling Column Unit

1.Oxygen Flowmeter


  • Oxygen flowmeter is controlled at 0~15 liter /min and the gas is appropriately humidifier.
  • Solid brass body chrome plated for durability
  • Control valve is back pressure compensated so flow accuracy is not effect by restrictions caused by humidifier, ventilators, etc.
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate bottle & provides an availible alarm humidifier

2.Wall Suction Unit


  • Easy to use suction unit for wall
  • Collection unit provide reliable over flow protection
  • Regulated vacuum range : 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Full line/ off/ regulated vacuum-one touch change slector
  • On/off selector use without changing original setting
  • One touch collection bottle separation


  • Medical suction is made to plug into the wall suction supply (piped suction). They include a connector to mate with the wall suction outlet, a gauge to show the vacuum level. A control valve, filters and a reservoir.