1.Medical Gas Manifold

  • Medical Gas Manifold (Oxygen, Nitrous-Oxide, Nitrogen)
  • Medical gas (O2,N2,N2O) inner cylinder to high pressure gas equally of used pressure is decrease pressure from gas outlet system.
  • When service bank becomes empty. Gauges automatically begin to flow from reserve bank, The pressure is analog-indicated.


  • Max. flow: 140 Nm3/
  • Outlet Pressure : Oxygen/ Nitrous-Oxide/ Air : 4.5 ~ 5 Kg/Cm2
  • Nitrogen : 7 ~ 10 Kg/Cm2
  • Dual line pressure regulator
  • Easy to maintenance and installation

2.Oxygen Generator/ Oxygen Plant

  • Medical Oxygen Supply System )MOSS-450S/ 300S/ 150
  • Approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a medical device, this product is a centralized medical oxygen supply system designed to replace high-pressure oxygen cylinders used for supplying oxygen to patients in hospitals, The first device of its kind in Korea, it represents a breakthrough in the medical oxygen supply stem industry, providing an uninterrupted, 24/7 oxygen supply, as well as excellent reliability, convenience, safety, cost effectiveness, and possibilities of further expansion.
  • The main purpose of a medical oxygen supply system is to provide patients with the high purity oxygen they need. Medical Oxygen Supply System is an innovative solution to replace existing high-pressure oxygen cylinders currently used in hospitals, and which can be installed without any additional piping work. They can also easily be reverted back to a cylinder-based system if required.

3.Medical Air Compressor

  • Consist of packaged compressor, after cooler, receiver, manifold pure pack and control panel.
  • Air compressor are electric driven oilless air cooled compressor composed of electric control panel, a horizontal/vertical air receiver, after cooler, refrigerated air dryer and filters.

4.Vacuum Pump (Water Sealed Pump/ Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump)

  • Water Sealed Vacuum Pump consists of an impeller and pump cashing as body. The impeller shall be installed at close location from the water will be in the same level with ring along the inside by the centrifugal force. The System set at. 550 ~ 750 mmHg.
  • Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump systems are available in a multitude of configurations. Simplex tank mount, duplex tank mount system. The System shall include interconnecting piping and provide a functional operating package with applicable electrical and plumbing connections at the installation site. The packaged unit shall be factory assembled, tested, painted and created prior to shipment. The system Set at. 550 ~ 700 mmHg